Kentucky Fried Chicken

(spec work)

CLIENT:  People say our advertising is over the top.

ME:  Want to take it a step further?


Copy & Art:   Rhett Ahlander


arm with delivery drone.jpg
popcorn chicken delivery to man.png
woman in desert with drone.jpg


Need Popcorn Chicken? Don’t move your keister. There’s a drone just around the corner, ready to deliver delicious Popcorn Chicken wherever you are – with drinks, sides and sauces.


After ordering, tune in live to your delivery drone's journey using it's stocked GoPro. When it arrives with your meal, the drone will stay and play your favorite tunes. When you're finished, it will dispose of what's left.

Download the KFC app to request a Popcorn Chicken Delivery Drone now.


kfc order assistant.png


(built from packaging) 

kfc bucket.jpg
kfc meal box.png
cardboard goggles blueprint with
cardboard goggles-white with logo.png
cardboard goggles - red with logo.png
kids with kfc goggles.png