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Try Club

CLIENT:  Many businesses are in constant need of freelancers but they don't have time to search for the right talent. There is a common pattern where they'll hire a contractor and it doesn't work out in the long run.

ME:  Business owners probably feel like they're gambling their budgets away with this approach. I get that. It can be hard to know if someone is a fit, especially if no one has seen them in action. But for a freelancer, they want to be paid for all of the work they provide -- even it's just a sample. Why can't both sides have their cake and eat it too?


Copywriter:   Rhett Ahlander

Try Club (formerly Trylancer) is a freelance company with an alternative focus – work samples. With Try Club, business owners receive a little bit of work from freelancers – including writing, graphic design, web development, social media and more – free of charge. As for freelancers, they're paid for providing the work – no matter what.

Trylancer needed more consistent branding and a website overhaul. I worked directly with the CEO as I developed webpage copy and wrote blog posts and web articles. I also advised him on branding and marketing.


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