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Artificial Intelligence: Adapt and Innovate

Recently, I attended a roundtable focused on real-world applications of artificial intelligence (AI). During the talks IBM’s Master Inventor, Neil Sahota, made a key comment: “90 percent of all technology will have an AI component to it.”

But is he right?

The way the world is moving, with new advances almost every day, I believe Sahota will be right in what he said. AI will find its way into our daily lives, just as other technologies have.

The first iPhone made its debut ten years ago (June 29, 2007), and most of the reactions to it were lackluster and skeptical. But how do people view Apple’s most iconic device now?

AI is receiving similar reactions to the iPhone 1. People are saying, “This has nothing to do with my business,” or, “It won’t make anything easier.

Here’s the thing: AI will affect every industry in some way.

For instance, it’s already being used in fashion with chatbot stylists.

During the roundtable Ranjitha Kumar, Chief Scientist at Apropose and Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, discussed how her team is using chatbots to teach people how to dress.

AI is also being used in medicine.

IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, discovered a rare form of leukemia in just 10 minutes. The diagnosis saved a 60-year-old woman’s life. Doctors at the University of Tokyo never caught it.

The medical field is using AI as a remarkable tool.

AI is becoming part of other industries as well.

Many people don’t understand it though, and it can be scary. With all this talk about smarter technology – and inanimate objects completing our tasks – it may seem like we’re about to be overtaken by robots.

For every new technology that sees the light of day, people will mock. Others will give expiration dates. But, there’s another group that will embrace this innovation.

The individuals in this last group are important. They’re the ones that accept change and progress.

Don’t mock an invention or declare it dead before its training wheels can come off. Join the crowd that embraces innovation.

Chatbots and voice assistants are just the beginning.

Innovate and adapt, or you’ll be left behind. Artificial intelligence is here.


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