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Writing a Children's Book

I'm a perfectionist. It took me a month to publish this post (look how short it is!).

This trickles into everything I do and has affected my creative projects -- creating a barrier between me and the creative finish line.

Earlier this year I set a goal to complete my children's book by January 2019. How am I doing? I haven't written a single word.

I guess I'm afraid.

I'm afraid to find out what I'm truly made of. I'm afraid of what people will think of my work. When you have talent, it can be difficult to share for fear of criticism or rejection. Not all ideas are good ones -- and this scares me to the core.

Are my ideas good? Will people like my work? Will it accomplish my goal? These thoughts pass through my head constantly -- and keep me from unleashing my creative self to the world.

It also doesn't help that everything has to be perfect. This keeps me from doing a lot of the things I want to because I can't see the end – more specifically, I can't see a perfect end.

But I've wanted to write a children's book for a decade, and that keeps me going. I've gone through the brainstorming sessions and have my main idea -- with a ton of other cool ideas I want to work in.

And yes, it involves drumming. Why would I slap my snare drum sketch on here for nothing? :)

More to come. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat!


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