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🌱 Don’t Ignore The Journey

Flowers talking to each other. Enjoy the journey. Personal growth.

We all want to skip the growing stages of our lives. These times can be difficult and require a lot of patience. But these are precious times where we learn the most. Without growing pains, there is no progress. Without struggle, no joy.

“Once I have ______, I’ll be happy.” I’ve said this to myself in many situations.

Sometimes we get so focused on the end result that we lose sight of how much we’ve sprouted. We forget to enjoy the journey.

Remember this — the difficult stretches of your life are what help you bloom!


-little flower: “I can’t wait to be as tall as you!”

-big flower: “I wish I was shorter so I could watch my leaves grow!”


I’m going to start posting my doodles with related blog posts!

Enjoy. 😉


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