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🥣 You Are What You Eat

Taco eating a small taco eating an even smaller taco with hot sauce. You are what you eat. Good vibes.

This is not about healthy eating. This is about mental and emotional health.

You are a product of what you consume – and you're always putting out a vibe to the world. Is it a good one, or a bad one?

Your Spotify playlists, your Netflix watchlist, your hobbies, your thoughts, and your conversations will all influence your output.

A steady diet of processed foods and added sugars will slow your body down, while a diet of toxic activity will negatively alter your mental and emotional state.

A physical diet gives off clear signs – like weight changes, mood swings, lack of energy, or increased illness. But a mental diet doesn’t show its true colors so easily.

You may be months into a mental and emotional routine before you notice how it has affected you.

At that point, you’ll also be knee-deep in habits and attitudes that you may not want.

Having a strong mental and emotional diet will help you to put out a good and healthy vibe. You’ll also have better self-esteem and more drive to reach your goals.

Consume content that inspires you. Surround yourself with people that uplift you. And think, talk, and act in a way that invites confidence, kindness, and positivity into your life.

You can be a powerful force for change and goodness in the world just by focusing on healthier habits. And yes, clean eating is important too.

Want to meet the entire family? 🥤 🌮 🍔

I’ll share more pieces from this series next week and beyond!

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